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A Legacy of Quality and Expertise

PT Bachtera Ladju (BL) was established in Jakarta in 1949 and is known for its expertise and vast experience particulary in the Indonesian chemical sector.

Starting off as a textile endeavor primarily focused on importing general commodities and white cotton cambric from Japan and China, in the 1960s BL dabbled in the import of dyestuff (naphtol) for batik printing and become a more active player in the growing Indonesian textile industry.

Toward the end of the decade, BL has gradually diversified its core business to embrace various kinds of products – mainly chemicals – relating to textile, paper and emulsion industries.

BL had since obtained rights to distribute a number of internationally renowed textile chemicals acquired mostly from Japan and also successfully branched out to other industries such as construction, automotive and electronics by adding silicone and metalworking lubricant to its product repertoire.

Today BL acts as the agent and distributor for a lineup of top-grade specialty chemicals in addition to running several joint ventures with some of Japan’s biggest chemical exporters. Ongoing innovations and research have also allowed BL to branch out into other relevant markets over the past few decades.